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About Me

My Personal journey, For a just over a decade I was Girl Friday to an entrepreneur who had fingers in a lot of pies, this is where I learnt my trade.

From building sites to international conferences, I learnt what to do and more importantly what NOT to do!

One of my many roles was website development, writing content for SEO purposes, uploading content and products and getting to grips with social media, which at the time was in its infancy, we are talking MySpace days! Anyway…this is where I found my inner nerd.

Over the years I have developed my knowledge, through hands on experience and even went back to school!

I work with a select few people, that know me, that know how I work and what I want to deliver to my clients. I am able to offer you what you need from start to finish for your digital story, as a whole package or just pieces, whichever suits you and your business.

This is my business, my passion, what I live for, therefore I understand your drive for your business and can’t wait to be part of that journey with you!

Operations Hours

Monday-Friday: 9.30am – 5pm

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1+447831 244659