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Lets start with what blogging actually is!

A blog is a platform where a writer, or group of writers share their opinions on a certain subject.

The purpose of a blog for a business website is to provide content for the site. Content on your website increases your online visibility, increasing your ranking within the search engines.

For a new business blogging is an essential marketing tool, which will attract customers to your website.

A good and regular blog will keep you and your business searchable, connect you to your target audience and importantly boost traffic and quality leads to your website.

Not only is a blog good for website traffic and keeping you and your business ahead in the search engines. A regular blog can showcase your knowledge in your niche and helps build brand credibility.

A blog is important for your business as it becomes a mainstream source of information, informing new and old customers of up to date news and products.

Your blog content is important, content that keeps your customers satisfied and engaged.

This is where I can help, let me help you to keep your blog content fresh, regular and engaging.




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